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    Exciting things are exciting!

    I know I haven’t been active on here lately. But let’s be honest, no one’s really checking daily for updates, now are they? Anyway, I’m not forgetting about the ole blog, but my time and attention has been on other things. Crafty mother trucking things! Exciting things! I hope to do a real post soon …

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    Crochet Giveaway

    I done did it now. That’s right, Crafty Mother Trucker is officially Crafty Mother Trucker, LLC! To celebrate my legitness, I would like to give some stuff away! Scroll on down for the link to enter to win šŸ™‚ So those are the options the winner will get to choose from. An adult-sized ear warmer …

  • He doesn't have dreads.
    Crochet DIY

    Thick & Cozy Slouchy Beanie

    This little slouchy beanie works up fairly quickly and is fun to crochet. I’ll explain how I did this one with some tips on adjusting it to fitĀ various heads. Incidentally, my husband has a large head, so the beanie was pretty big. What I like about this design is that the color changes can be …

  • De-lish.

    Peppermint Candy Spoon WIN!

    That’s right, y’all. I conquered the shit out of these damn peppermint candy spoons. And I didn’t even use an oven. Here’s a post on the previous attemptsĀ – serious failure.Ā The key to success was using a smaller amount of peppermint and the vernacular of a pirate. Shout out to my husband for helping me with …